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Bob Jeter, Professional Singer/Songwriter, & Musician

Through years of experience in the music industry (both in the US and abroad), Bob has gained much insight into what makes a song work. In the 3 areas of writing, production, and performing, he has worked with well-known composers and producers, as well as lesser-known independent artists.

Although he is socially aware and doesn't shy away from current trends, he brings a blend of old school and alternative music into the Postmodern Age. You can experience this blend of old with the new by listening to his album, "Along For The Ride." (Perhaps it's a little like Neil Young meeting Steely Dan or Ed Sheeran meeting Chris Stapleton.)

From music to broadcasting, Bob brings a unique perspective of artistic social awareness to whichever medium he utilizes at the studio. As a music artist, he holds quality and originality in high regard. His art is also influenced by classic artists such as The Eagles, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, and Bob Dylan as well as by the current trends in alternative and progressive music.

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A Passion for Music

Virginia native Bob Jeter is a gifted singer-songwriter who produces rock and rhythm and blues music. His love for music started when he first picked up a trumpet and guitar when he was younger. Now that he's older and (maybe a little) wiser, his tunes reflect his new knowledge and experience.

Many of his songs were written while he was in Paris. Since moving to Atlanta, Georgia, he continues to create new music both solo and with his band JeterNTheJets (formed with his sons) as well as with other new projects.

Through his record company, Stone Shot Records, Bob releases ear-pleasing tunes and albums. For the last 5 years of his career, Bob has concentrated on creating many social conscious tunes that reflect upon the rapidly changing world in which we live. Recently, he has released several new songs, including Wonder of You, Right to Fight (For Love), and Innocent Children.

Memberships and Associations:

  • Member of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
  • Member of Performing Rights Organization (PROs)
  • Member of National Song Writers Association


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